MADD With Talent - MADD Concert 2018

MADD With Talent - MADD Concert 2018

During the last week of Term 3, PSHS hosted the MADD Concert at Pinjarra Civic Centre to a sell-out crowd of 300. The school’s MADD Concerts are a showcase for our talented Arts and Performing Arts students.  Many weeks in the making, it was the school’s seventh concert over the course of 14 years, with the first MADD concert staged in 2008.

MADD, an anagram of the words, Music, Art, Dance and Drama, gives students the opportunity to express their school experiences as they prepare completely original productions for a community audience.

Ric Holster, Teacher-in-Charge of Arts, says that he is always delighted with the spirit of community and co-operation the MADD Concert brings, “It’s a really diverse show and our students work hard to learn their routines off-site to be ready for the big night.  This year we had 108 Performing Arts students in the show, but it takes at least another 20 students to stage manage the production as well as another 15 staff who volunteer their own time on the night to run Front of House, Green Room and help in the kitchen.”

This year’s show began with a theatrical adaptation of the board game CLUEDO Live on stage, which saw the audience participating as detectives to solve the case of Doctor Black’s murder.  At the half time interval, the audience’s suspicions were lodged and later that night, the cast revealed the murderer in the final act of the show, with one clever audience member winning a prize for deducing the key elements of the murder/mystery.

The night also showcased beautiful Dances, choreographed by the students and the school’s Dance teacher, Natalie Edge who commented on the variety of styles.  “We have confident girls and boys who are working in styles ranging from Contemporary, Tap, Hip Hop and a fusion of other styles. The dancers work hard to put on a great show and push themselves to deliver something uniquely their own”. The concert followed up the recent success at the YOHFest Dance Competition by the senior dance groups, who had been awarded for their choreography. One of the night’s biggest highlights was the Year 11 and 12 production of Hairspray’s “You Can’t Stop The Beat”, a combination of colour and 1960’s costuming and hairstyles.

The night was finally brought to a close with the magnificent ensemble performances of music students lead by Music teacher Stephen Roberts.  Featuring performances from junior and senior student musicians, the “musos” wowed the audience with a range of traditional and contemporary songs.