Chaplains at Pinjarra SHS

Pinjarra SHS is privileged to have the support of two Chaplains, each working three days per week. This service is funded by the school in conjunction with Federal Government funding (until the end of 2017) and money raised through the tireless efforts of local Church and community fundraising. It is administered by YouthCARE who oversee Chaplaincy in WA government schools.

Chaplains are qualified in pastoral care and youth work. They respect all people, no matter who they are, where they’re from, or what their personal belief system is. If asked to do so, Chaplains will discuss spiritual matters with a person, in a way that best serves that person. At Pinjarra SHS our Chaplains are part of a professional student services team and offer support by:

  • Providing pastoral care for staff, students and families.
  • Linking the school with local community, support agencies and organisations.
  • Playing an active role assisting and supporting school events.
  • Facilitating pastoral support programs and resources.
  • Supporting, mentoring, encouraging and empowering the school community.

Interaction with the Chaplain is purely voluntary and students may opt out of any Chaplaincy-facilitated programs at any stage.