Student Services

Student Services at Pinjarra SHS

Pinjarra Senior High School is committed to nurturing each student as a whole. As such a comprehensive Student Services team is available to meet the pastoral needs of our students. In regular and direct contact with the students are the Student Services Manager and the Student Services Coordinator, each of which leads a team of Year Coordinators who are responsible for a year group’s socio-emotional and behavioural needs. When students require more specialist assistance there is the School Psychologist, Nurse and Chaplains, all of which are high skilled and specialise in working with young people and the difficulties they face. Student Services also engages a variety of outside agencies to work with students when more specialised and specific assistance is required.

To support those students who may experience barriers to coming to school, Pinjarra Senior High School has employed an Attendance and Engagement Officer whose responsibility it is to, not only work one on one with students and their familes, but also develop and facilitate programs to engage students.

A team of dedicated Education Assistants, led by the Learning Enrichment Coordinator, work either one on one with students or in classes to ensure that each student is given the opportunity to reach their potential. The school’s Indigenous population is supported by the Aboriginal Islander Education Officer.

The Student Services Centre is a one stop shop for students. It is where they sign in and out, come if they are having difficulty and where parents may contact if they have concerns with their children. Along with individualised student support, Student Services also facilitates school wide initiatives and programs that promote positive wellbeing and encourages positive behaviour within the school.

The highest priority of the Student Services team is ensuring that Pinjarra Senior High School is a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and grow as young people.

Student Services

Head of Student Services Anthony Pittman
Student Services Coordinator Leanne Reynolds
School Chaplains Justin Hill (Mon, Tues Wed)

Debbie Lysaght (Wed & Thurs)

School Psychologist Kristie Brenchley
School Nurse Sarah Taylor (Varied Availability)
AIEO Vickie Anderson (Mon, Tues & Wed)

Year Coordinators

Year 7 Coordinator Caitlin Tuffnell
Year 8 Coordinator Emma Boyd
Year 9 Coordinator Jeremy Coates
Year 10 Coordinator Simon Bint
Year 11 Coordinator Justine Walters
Year 12 Coordinator Ann Maree Crook