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Contributions and Charges

Here is where you will find information regarding the Voluntary Contributions and Charges.  It is a Department of Education mandatory requirement that parents are notified of the proposed costs for the following year as it allows families time to review proposed courses of study and costs payable.   Once the school timetable grid has been set, usually by March each year, families will receive their confirmed Voluntary Contributions and Charges.

As mandated by government legislation, a set $235 Contribution course of study is available to students in Years 7 to 10.  Extra cost optional courses outside the set $235 core program incur additional charges. Charges relate to items that students utilise over and above that which are supplied by the Department of Education. All courses of study undertaken in Years 11 and 12 incur compulsory charges.   A detailed explanation of Charges, Voluntary Contributions, Other Optional Costs and Voluntary Approved Requests can be found in the Contributions and Charges booklet.

Families are encouraged to make payment for their student’s 2021 Charges and Voluntary Contributions as soon as possible.  100% payment of high cost electives is due by the end of week 3, 18th February 2022, if payment is not made by this date or a payment plan negotiated your child may be moved into a lower cost elective.

A payment plan is available below or at the school payment office which is a very simple way to ensuring your child remains in their chosen course. Bank deductions can be set up and we can accept amounts as little as $10 per week to assist in lessening any financial burden which can be started now in readiness for the commencement of the school year. Also available below is a Secondary Assistance Allowance form. To be eligible for the allowance you must hold a Centrelink Family Health Care Card, a Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card, or a Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Concession Card.

SAS Applications can now be certified without visiting the school and submitted via email. For more information, click here.

Other options for payment include cash, credit card, direct deposit, EFTPOS, cheques and Centrepay (organised through Centrelink).

Should you have any questions relating to Contributions and Charges, please contact the school.


Information and Forms

SAS Form – Abstudy Supplement Allowance

If you are already receiving Abstudy via Centrelink, you may also be eligible for the Abstudy Supplement to Secondary Assistance. Please note this cannot be claimed in addition to the Secondary Assistance Scheme.

To access the application form for this supplement, click here.


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