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School Board

The School Board’s primary responsibility is to provide consultation and guidance regarding the strategic directions of Pinjarra Senior High School. It takes into account various factors both within the school and in the broader community that impact students’ learning, and it communicates its findings to the Principal.

It’s important to note that the School Board is not involved in the day-to-day operations of the school or matters concerning programs, teaching, or behavior.

Pinjarra Senior High School actively encourages parents, carers, and staff members to nominate themselves for the two Board positions that are advertised annually.

Members of the Pinjarra Senior High School Board:

Board Chair – David Bolt
School Principal (ex-officio) –
Jan Stone
School Board Secretary (ex-officio) –
Elana Westphal

School Member – Tamara Matthews
School Member – Caroline Green
School Member – Sharon Gangell

Community Member – Kelly Bain
Community Member – Craig Watts
Community Member – Chris Vas

Parent Member – Nicole Entz
Parent Member – Sharni Holster