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Next Step: Year 11 Course Selection

Welcome to Next Step!

Next Step is for Year 10 students going into Year 11 in 2024 Next Step aims to demystify all the pathway options available for Pinjarra SHS students, as well as provide info about how to select and prepare yourself for those pathways.

Before you start, we recommend you download and read the Year 11 Course Selection Guide for 2024 and complete the Student Career Exploration Workbook. Click on the booklets to download them.

Career Workbook

Course Selection Form

Course Selection Guide 2024

Parent Information Powerpoint



The Western Australian Statement of Student Achievement, also known as the WASSA, is issued to all Year 12 students at the completion of their secondary schooling. The WASSA provides a formal record of what students leaving in Year 12 have achieved, as a result of their school education in Western Australia.

All students will receive a WASSA. Not all students will receive a WACE.

Year 12 Geography


The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) is awarded to senior secondary school students who satisfy its requirements, usually at the end of Year 12. Generally, students will complete two years of senior secondary study to achieve the WACE, although the School Curriculum and Standards Authority allows students to meet the WACE requirements over a lifetime.

The WACE is recognised by universities, industry and other training providers.

Achievement of a WACE signifies that a student has successfully met the breadth and depth standard, the achievement standard and the literacy and numeracy standard in their senior secondary schooling.

For further information about WACE and WACE requirements, navigate through the content and links below.


The pathway a student chooses, and therefore the courses they choose to study in Year 11 and 12, will depend on their post school intentions.

Click on the guides below to download them.

Beyond School Study Guide


Year 10 Information Handbook

Year 12 in 2025 Powerpoint

About the Pathways

About ATAR

An ATAR pathway is designed for students aiming to go to university.

In an ATAR pathway, students will choose between 4 and 6 ATAR courses. At Pinjarra Senior High School, we strongly recommend that students select 5 ATAR courses in this pathway. The remaining course(s) can come from either the General, VET or Endorsed programs

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About General Courses

These courses are not externally examined. However, they each have an externally set task (EST) which is a common assessment task set by the Authority. General courses are suitable for students who are typically aiming to enter further vocationally based training or the workforce straight from school.

General courses complement ATAR and VET courses. All students need to select the equivalent of 6 courses. ATAR students will choose 5-6 ATAR courses and at 0-1 General courses. VET students will select 4 General courses to complement their chosen Certificate and Workplace Learning.

About VET/WL

A VET pathway is ideal for students wanting to move toward further study at TAFE, an apprenticeship or a traineeship. This pathway is also suitable for students intending to move into the workforce after school.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) provides you with skills and knowledge to perform effectively in the workplace.  A VET qualification prepares you for, or in some instances qualifies you to do, a specific job. VET can contribute directly to your career goals no matter what your destination is.

In a VET pathway, students will choose ONE Certificate II course and Authority-Developed Workplace Learning (AWPL). The remaining courses will be a combination of General courses which will complement the VET pathway chosen.

Course Offerings for 2024

Profile Offerings for 2024 at South Metro TAFE and North Metro TAFE are available below.

Students entering Year 11 in 2024 will be eligible to apply for these courses. Students at PSHS can only apply for courses which are run on a Thursday or Friday

Please note that Year 11 students cannot apply for the “Skill set” certificates toward the end of the list on page three as these are reserved for Education Support centre students only.

Entry to these courses is competitive and students are NOT guaranteed acceptance. Applications will be available in Term 3. For further details. please contact Lelaine Boardman at the school.

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About Endorsed Programs

An endorsed program is a significant learning program that has been developed for senior secondary students. The program may have been developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, or it may have been developed by a private provider or a school and subsequently endorsed by the Authority.

Each endorsed program consists of a series of lessons, classes and/or activities designed to lead to the achievement of a common goal or set of learning outcomes. Endorsed programs can be delivered as part of the school curriculum or as extra-curricular activities.

Authority Developed Workplace Learning is an example of an Endorsed Program which counts towards the WACE. There is a limit on how many Endorsed Programs can be used towards meeting the WACE requirements.

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