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Parent Teacher Online

Parent Teacher Online (PTO) is an interview booking system which allows parents to schedule appointments with their child’s teachers. The booking system is only available in the lead up to parent teacher evenings or other similar events.

The education of your child is a three way partnership between the school, the home, and the student. We hope that you are able to take advantage of this opportunity to have a direct dialogue with teachers about the progress of your child.

The PTO booking system is currently:


How to Use Parent Teacher Online (PTO)

To make a booking, follow the link to Parent Teacher Online.

For parents whose emails are currently on our system, you will be able to use your registered email address to obtain a Login PIN by clicking on “Obtain PIN/Password” at the login screen.

Once you have obtained your Login PIN, you will be able to login to make your desired bookings.

For those who do not have an email address on our records, please contact PSHS to register an email address. Please also contact PSHS if you have other issues regarding making bookings using PTO.