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Secondary Assistance Scheme

The Secondary Assistance Scheme is available to secondary students whose parent / caregiver holds a Centrelink Family Health Care, Pensioner or Veteran’s Affairs Pensioner (Blue) Concession Card.  The scheme is available to students up to and including the year in which they turn 18. If you are eligible, it’s a total of $350.00.

Applications are made by the parent or guardian for students enrolled in Years 7 – 12.
Application forms are to be completed and returned to the school as early as possible in Term 1 and close Friday 8 April 2022.

  • $235 Education Program Allowance paid directly to the school
  • $115 Clothing Allowance paid directly to the parent / guardian or the school.

The Education Program Allowance will be paid directly to the school and will be applied to voluntary contributions for Year 7 -10.  For Year 11 and 12 students in receipt of the allowance, the funds will be applied directly to compulsory charges.  (For those parents / guardians who elect to pay their clothing allowance to the school these funds will be available at SportsPower)

As part of the school’s COVID safe response Secondary Assistance Scheme applications can be submitted via email to . However, there are certifying Department of Education guidelines that must be adhered to for these forms to be accepted. For more information, please see the link ‘Certifying Witness SAS Application’ or click here.


Information and Forms

SAS Form – Abstudy Supplement Allowance

If you are already receiving Abstudy via Centrelink, you may also be eligible for the Abstudy Supplement to Secondary Assistance.

To access the application form for this supplement, click here.