Dear Parents/Carers,

In addition to an email sent on 1/4/2020 from our principal, Jan Stone, I would like to take this opportunity to detail specifically how the ‘distance education model’ will be structured for the Mathematics Learning Area.

  • Resources for all courses and year groups will be available via CONNECT or as PRINTED WORK PACKAGES that can be collected from the front office.
  • Students that have ONLINE ACCESS will use EDUCATION PERFECT to complement the work in the provided resources.
  • Usernames and passwords are necessary for logins to CONNECT and EDUCATION PERFECT. Students already have these for both platforms.
  • In the event that they forget what they are, please direct them to contact their classroom teacher, who will be able to rectify the issue. See next dot point.
  • Students can contact teachers through their Department of Education (DoE) email address at this stage. For example,
  • Students will also be able to contact their teacher using the DISCUSSIONS section on the CONNECT platform. As you could appreciate, teachers are utilising CONNECT at various levels of understanding and may not be using DISCUSSIONS yet. When they are confident enough to implement it into their class they will contact students and explain how to use it effectively.
  • Alternatively, students can contact the Mathematics department by phone on 9531 7010.
  • Work put on CONNECT, or in print, will be packaged together to cover the equivalent of TWO SCHOOL WEEKS.
  • Students will be able to access the resources on CONNECT from the LIBRARY and/or the CONTENT sections.
  • Once they are in LIBRARY or CONTENT appropriately named folders will guide them to various learning tools they will use in order to complete the modules of work set.

Please encourage your child to remain up to date with the work set, or communicating with their Mathematics teacher to seek assistance.

Finally, thank you in advance for your effort, and support, as we try to make this work as best we can.

It is greatly appreciated.

Craig Pickering
HoLA – Mathematics