Important Dates

DateEvent Name
3 SeptemberPFA Draft Day
9 September PSHS Health Expo
9 SeptemberR U OK? Day
18 September'A Winter Fairytale' Year 12 School Ball
20-24 SeptemberScience Week at PSHS
24 SeptemberLast Day of Term 3

Principal's Report

Pinjarra Senior High School continues to go from strength to strength in our centenary year, with many fantastic things happening this term to provide unique learning opportunities and showcase the success of our students and staff. The first half of the term has been packed with many events including the NAIDOC Week celebrations, a special visit from Barry Marshall, a Nobel Prize winning Scientist, the launch of the Primary Aspirant Program, Winter Carnivals and many other excursions to enrich student learning. There is still more to look forward to, with the Athletics Carnival coming up in week 9 and Science Week in week 10.

NAIDOC Week is always a special celebration in our school community and this year certainly provided our staff, students, special guests and parents with a wonderful opportunity to recognise the invaluable contributions made to the Australian national character by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We opened NAIDOC Week 2021 with a whole school assembly, where we were privileged to enjoy presentations from several special guests. The assembly started with a Welcome to Country from School Captain Cole Agnew, followed by an address from our AIEO, Ms Vickie Anderson who spoke about the purpose of NAIDOC week and introduced this year’s theme, ‘Heal Country’.  The school community then heard presentations from former students Teliah Jokic and Blake Griffiths, who shared their personal connections to their culture and how culture is a part of each of their journeys as successful young people. Teliah presented an audio- visual snapshot of a ‘typical’ day in her life as an apprentice Heavy Diesel Mechanic at South 32 Worsley Alumina, which I am sure made some of our students feel grateful for their typical day at school! Blake spoke of his pathway to study Engineering at UWA, and how the deepening of his connection to culture over time is shaping his adult life. Everyone enjoyed both presentations. Year 11 student Anthony Hansen played the digeridoo in an impressive performance and a student singing group, Pinjarra Senior High School’s own ‘Sapphires’ (Kayla Davey, Indianna McLennan, Katie Trew and Zana-Eve Hutchinson) amazed the audience with a beautiful vocal performance in Noongar language. We were also very fortunate to have student John Robinson and his mother Terehia Thomas present a uniquely crafted message stick to Ms Anderson, wherein the stories of unity between Aboriginal peoples are captured in the intricate carving and decorations. This message stick was made especially for Pinjarra Senior High School and we were humbled and proud to receive such a precious gift to commemorate NAIDOC Week 2021.

The NAIDOC Week assembly also recognised outstanding achievement among our Aboriginal students, with awards being presented in several different categories. A list of these is included below. My personal congratulations to all students who received awards.

2021 NAIDOC Awards

AwardRecipientYear Group
Youth AwardShanaya ChapmanYear 8
Female Sports Person AwardBreanna CollardYear 11
Male Sports Person AwardCole AgnewYear 12
Vocational AwardRhys McDonaldYear 12
Artist AwardMakenah HandyYear 11
Academic Scholar AwardHayden GriffithsYear 11
Academic Scholar AwardHollie MooreYear 12
Caring for Country AwardAnthony HansenYear 11
Male Leadership AwardCole AgnewYear 12
Female Leadership AwardBreanna CollardYear 11

Among other highlights of NAIDOC Week 2021 was the chance for our students to work alongside of Aboriginal artist Acacia Collard to build a beautiful sand mural depicting our new school Houses and their animal symbols. Our Science teachers Mr Garnaut, Mr Crock, Ms Tregonning and Mrs Farmer worked with different groups of students to use fire, kangaroo poo, grass tree resin and charcoal to make ‘Roo Poo Glue’, which they then used to make traditional tools. Ms Anderson led her team of helpers to make and serve kangaroo stew and the school P & C organised for ‘Roo Dogs’ to be sold by the school canteen throughout the week.  Students also enjoyed face painting, other art projects and many different learning activities in their classes throughout the week. A special morning tea was also hosted by Ms Anderson for some of our Aboriginal Students to close the very successful NAIDOC Week celebrations. Thanks to all the staff and students members of the NAIDOC Week Organising Committee for this year’s event, which was a fitting celebration of cultural respect and unity for everyone at Pinjarra Senior High School.

The Primary Aspirant Program is back this term and we are pleased to be able to welcome year 5 and 6 students from our network of Primary Schools to participate in programs at Pinjarra Senior High School. Through the Primary Aspirant Program, students from Pinjarra Primary School, Carcoola Primary School, North Dandalup Primary School and Dwellingup Primary School will have opportunities to learn new skills in AFL Football and STEM in term three, with other programs being developed for term four. The year 8, 9 and 10 students aligned to each of these areas will once again take the lead in running the program for our younger students, sharing their knowledge and expertise to make sure that learning is fun. This ‘kids teaching kids’ model also provides enormous benefits for the older students, in terms of developing their expertise, confidence and leadership within the school. We look forward to welcoming all of our Primary Aspirant Program participants in the coming weeks.

Another program that has successfully launched during term two is the ‘Training for My Future’ program, which we have delivered to selected year 9 students in partnership with Fairbridge. This ten week program focussed on giving our students the opportunity to learn skills in food preparation in a commercial kitchen, under the guidance of program leader Bruno, who is himself a qualified chef. To complete the program the students travelled to Fairbridge Farm every Thursday and participated in hands on classes to learn about food safety, nutrition, the safe use of knives and other kitchen equipment, team-work and time management, presentation and service skills. Of course, they also learned how to prepare some fantastic dishes, which I was lucky enough to try at their formal end of term lunch. Over the course of the program, our students learned a great deal about employability skills, networking and themselves. They have gained in confidence and skill to the point that this term, they are preparing a weekly special menu item for our canteen to sell to our school community. Special thanks to Ms Lisa Snowden for her work to develop this opportunity for our students, and to the wonderful Donna Duxbury and her team at Fairbridge who have made it possible. We have a new group of students participating in the program again this term and we look forward to watching them grow in their skills as they progress.

On the academic planning scene, preparations are well underway for 2022. Students in Year 10 have completed course selections for Year 11, Year 7 enrolments are all but complete and Year 8, 9 and 10 students have completed their elective selections, ready to be placed into the timetable. It is important that parents are aware of what their student/s has selected, as ‘high cost options’ will need to be paid for prior to the end of term four 2021 to guarantee placement. More will be communicated to all parents and caregivers about fees and charges during term four. Please contact us if you require any specific information about the electives your student has chosen, or to make a payment plan. We are happy to support and assist families to ensure positive educational experiences and outcomes for all students.

Jan Stone

School Expecations 2021

It is important for everyone to understand their responsibilities as members of our school community. Meeting these standards and expectations ensures that Pinjarra Senior High School is a safe, orderly and pleasant learning environment for students and a positive workplace for the many staff who work at the school. This reminder is intended to ensure that students, parents and caregivers are clear about expectations and responsibilities. Many of these points will be familiar, but worth a reminder to ensure consistent information for students both at school and at home.

  • If students are absent, please contact the school to advise us of this as soon as possible. Text messages or emails are great. This will prevent parents and caregivers from receiving automated text messages about student absences. If parents/carers receive messages about student absence and believe they are incorrect, please call the school so that we can verify whether students are in class or not immediately. This will eliminate confusion about students being present or absent and provide parents/carers with accurate information without delay.
  • School commences at 8:40am. Students should aim to be on site by 8:30am. All busses arrive in plenty of time for students to get to period one classes. Lateness is usually due to students leaving the school site before school or stopping off on their way to school, often to get food. This is not acceptable. We have a Breakfast Club running for those who need a bite to eat before class. Please encourage students to come directly to school in the morning. Persistent, unexplained and unacceptable lateness to classes may result in a loss of good standing.
  • If students are at school, it is expected that they attend their timetabled classes. Wandering around the school site, or leaving the school site without parent permission during the day will be recorded as unexplained absence or truancy on our attendance system. Parents will be contacted should this behaviour occur. While it is a minority of our students who persistently engage in class avoidance, the potential for disruption to those students who are in classes is unacceptable. Being at school means being in the correct class at the correct time. Only those students with a note from their teacher have permission to be out of class at any given time.
  • The Department of Education Mobile Phone Policy has been implemented across all public schools in WA. It is not a ‘school rule’, but is legislation to support positive, safe and productive learning environments in schools. The simple instruction for students is ‘Off and Away’ during school hours. This includes recess and lunch breaks and covers the whole school day. Students are not permitted to make or take phone calls or send or receive text messages while at school – not even from parents or caregivers. Should you need to contact your child while they are at school, please contact us on 9531 7000 and we will relay the message to the student or arrange to bring them to the phone. There are some students who are permitted to access their phones whilst at school for medical reasons. These are managed on a case by case basis. If any parents or caregivers have concerns about the Mobile Phone Policy as it applies to their child, we will continue to work with you to develop understanding and create suitable solutions.
  • When students encounter a ‘bump in the road’ at school and require support, it is important to contact the staff member best positioned to provide the information and assistance that they need. This is usually the class teacher, Head of Learning Area or Head of House. In some instances, it may be appropriate to speak to the Student Services Manager or an Associate Principal about your concerns. It is rarely the case that the Principal should be the first port of call, as day to day, the Principal role is less directly involved with case managing individual students. Where Principal involvement is necessary, the matter will be referred to the Principal by other staff. Please be mindful of who can best assist you when contacting the school with concerns or enquiries to ensure you receive prompt and helpful service.

Parents and caregivers play a vital role in helping students to achieve success at school, so we encourage frequent contact with teachers to address questions you may have about your child’s progress and well-being. Heads of House are also a great source of information and support, as they closely monitor how students are navigating the challenges that the school environment can present. Early contact is a great way to establish strong partnerships between home and school so that students feel understood and supported as they learn their way forward.  To support these relationships, we will host several parent information evenings, social events and reporting meetings throughout the year to build partnerships between students, teachers and parents and caregivers. Please attend these and remember you are welcome to contact the school any time to discuss matters related to your child’s academic or personal well-being.

From the Associate Principals


Three weeks ago, parents/carers of Year 12 students would have received a letter outlining the important dates coming up for Year 12 students. Our graduating class of 2021 have only 4 weeks of school remaining with their final assembly on Friday of Week 1, Term 4. It is vital that students continue to work hard over these remaining weeks to ensure success. It is just as important for families to support students on this final leg of their school journey. Please contact the school, if you have not received this letter.



Round 2 of the OLNA (Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment) commenced for students in Years 10, 11 and 12 on Monday 30 August 2021. Students should have received their individualised timetable by the end of Week 5. It is vital that students attend their scheduled test. There is limited opportunity to sit a catch-up test – especially in writing – and, as this is the last opportunity the year, and the last opportunity for Year 12 students, it is vital that students not only attend but spend time preparing. Students in Year 10 can access support from their Literacy and Numeracy teacher. Students in Year 11 and 12 can access support from their Study Skills teacher with all resources available on both the shared drive and Connect. Year 12 students can also access individualised teacher support on Thursdays and Fridays from a range of teachers.

Parents, please support your students with their preparation for this round of OLNA and please impress on them the importance of taking this testing seriously – success in the OLNA has implications for access to TAFE courses, employment, apprenticeships and achieving the WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education)



Parent access to Connect – the school’s online learning portal – has been available to parents since the start of Term 2. At this stage, we have only provisioned one email access per family. Should you wish for an additional parent or carer to access Connect, please contact the school and we will arrange for this to occur.



The school has received a number of complaints recently for community members about students gathering in and around the Pinjarra Junction. On a number of occasions, community complaints have been around unacceptable and antisocial behaviour particularly in the mornings before school.

Students are NOT allowed to leave school grounds during the school day. This is a direct contravention of our school behaviour management policy. Students are also expected to enter the school grounds as soon as they exit the bus. Unfortunately, many students are choosing to exit the bus at an earlier stop and make their way to the shopping precinct. Shop owners have advised the school that they will be contacting police to report unacceptable or antisocial behaviour.

Parents are encouraged to please speak to their students about this behaviour. Please reiterate to your students that they may not leave school ground unless they are signed out by a parent/carer and issued with an official government leave pass.



We would like to take this opportunity to also remind parents of the school policies around uniform and unhealthy choices. An increasing number of students are attending school in items of clothing that are not a part of our school uniform. In particular, grey, black and red are not part of our school uniform. Neither are hoodies or brand names jumpers/pants including Champion, Adidas, Fila etc. Parents can support the school and our school values but ensuring that students leave home in the morning wearing the appropriate school attire.

A final reminder is about soft drink and energy drinks. Again, a number of students are entering school grounds and bringing these items with them. These items are not allowed on school site and we would strongly discourage students from consuming them, particularly before the start of the school day. The large quantities of sugar and caffeine are not conducive to learning or to interacting positively with staff and peers. The school canteen stocks healthier choices at competitive prices. Not only is this a healthier choice for students, it is also more cost effective for parents and doesn’t tempt students to leave school grounds to purchase unhealthy food or drink.

Your support in regards to this is appreciated.

Get Into Resources

The Year 11 Powering Careers in Energy class and several invited Year 11 Trades and Profile students, accompanied by Mrs Gray, trekked in the early morning to North Metropolitan TAFE WA to attend Get into Resources. The group would like to acknowledge and thank Australian Earth Science Education who funded the bus and allowed us to travel to the event at no cost. The day started with a ‘goodie’ bag and an inspiring keynote address followed by interactive, hands-on activities throughout the day focusing on what the resources industry is all about and the pathways on offer for VET/Apprenticeship students. Students were given the opportunity to tour ‘the CUT Mine’ providing a simulated experience of life underground. With the added incentive of a competition prize; a flight to Sandfire’s DeGrussa Minesite with an overnight stay and mine tour, the students behaved impeccably and asked relevant and thoughtful questions throughout the day. Unfortunately, the tour was not won by a Pinjarra SHS student. The group engaged with many organisations in the Expo area and learnt valuable networking concepts. The Pinjarra students showed interest to the guest facilitators and had a mature approach to the day. Several contributing organisations commented positively about the Pinjarra group’s enthusiastic participation at the event. Students gained valuable insights, information and experiences related to the resources sector and Pinjarra looks forward the continued involvement with next year’s GIR!

Visit to Parliament House

Our thanks go to Robyn Clarke MLA who recently hosted our Year 12 Leadership students at Parliament House. Four of our Year 12 students – Danica Old, Cole Agnew, Imogen Ray and Elijah Quin – met with Ms Clarke and enjoyed a personal tour around this important historical building. Ms Clarke engaged the students with stories from her own political experiences and impressed on them the important role that women play in the parliamentary process today – a role that in the past was limited to men. Ms Clarke also impressed on them the vital role of the indigenous community in both our past history and our future success as a nation.

After the tour, students had the privilege of enjoying a delicious lunch in the members’ dining room. Cloth napkins, polished silverware and an exquisite three course menu had our students enthralled. Ms Clarke’s words of wisdom did not stop at politics. She taught the students the importance of always investigating the dessert menu first before committing to an entrée and, when she dared them to try all three courses – they were thrilled to rise to the challenge.

We are very lucky to have such a supportive Member of Parliament working tirelessly for her electorate and just as tirelessly for our students and our school.

Pedal Prix 2021

‘Pedal Prix’ is an annual series of events designed to develop competitors’ teamwork, technological, enterprise and engineering skills, and fitness and health. On the 29th of August the Pinjarra Mosquito Racing Team represented Pinjarra Senior High School at the Bunbury Pedal Prix. Our students completed 249 laps in six hours of rain and wind, to finish 4th place in the S1 division. The team’s training paid off on the day. Everyone worked as a team to maintain the car and to switch out the riders when they were slowing down or the car needed maintenance. The day was a huge success with all students having a go around the intense racetrack. The students and staff involved are looking forward to the series growing next year, with the aim of taking out a podium finish (and beating our rivals Waroona!).

-Mr Garnaut

Alcoa Prospects Program - Speed Careering

A range of career avenues within Alcoa were presented to the Year 10 Girls as part of the Alcoa Prospects Program. Time was spent with an Operations Manager, Electrical Apprentice, Tradesperson – Boilermaker (past Pinjarra SHS student Shari-Lee White), Training Coordinator, Farmlands Manager, Safety Consultant, Nurse and Laboratory Assistant. Student had the opportunity to listen to each person’s back story, gain valuable insights into various pathways that are available, ask questions and network over muffins at the end of the session. Congratulations to the four students that received door prizes after reading out the quote that was found under their chair. Students were given ‘homework’ as their next session will offer feedback to the students on their Cover Letters and Resumes… which means they need to organise them! A huge thank you to the Alcoa workers that gave up their time to share their career stories.

Year 9/10 Winter Carnival

Netball – Wednesday 9th June

It was a wet and windy Wednesday but that did not impact the effort shown and enjoyment had by both of our teams. The A division team – made up of all Year 9 students – worked hard all day and finished in the top 3 teams for the day. The C division team, with a mix level of netball experience, pulled off a few wins but most of all had a great time. Thank you to our helpers on the day – Alisha, Logan, Jasmine and Jenaya.


Basketball – Thursday 10th June

Our basketballers travelled to Rockingham and put in a strong performance in both divisions. The A division team made the Grand Final but lost in a close game. A four-way tie at the top of B division meant our boys missed out on playing in the Grand Final on a countback. Whilst a great display of basketball talent was shown by all the boys, a special mention to Oscar who nailed a game winning shot on the buzzer against Ridgeview and Jack for some entertaining slam dunks on the day. Thank you to Kyle, Zac, Bella and Makayla for your help on the day.

Our students demonstrated great teamwork, fair play and resilience over the two days.

-Ms Van Lit & Mr Tarboton

Barry Marshall Microblitz

On Wednesday the 18th of August, the year 8 and 9 AEP classes spent the day enhancing their scientific labratory skills and knowledge through the UWA Barry Marshall Microblitz.

The day started with two guest speakers including a Keynote by the Nobel Prize Laureate, Barry Marshall. Students learnt about the discovery of Helicobacter and how it has improved 30 million people’s lives annually. They were also interested in the serious prize money associated with winning a Nobel Prize. Students then heard about the challenges facing food security and some of the interesting solutions being tested by CSIRO here in Australia. Who knew the Rebel whopper was designed by the CSIRO using plants to simulate a meat pattie?

Students were then challenged to conduct their own science experiments with the support of UWA interns. The first experiment simulated the digestive system from the eating of a biscuit to the final product. An award was given for the most realistic digestion, resulting in the perfect poo. Students then made a battery out of potatoes and lemons to power a series of lights.

It was great to see students having fun while making the most of the opportunities presented by UWA. The development of scientific lab skills will be useful in further studies or in local industry jobs in the future.

-Mr Garnaut

Asia Bridge Program

On Friday 20th August I had the opportunity to deliver a professional development session on Padlet via Zoom to fifteen schools, including our sister school Pasaman, as part of our Asia Bridge program.

Padlet is a program where users can upload, organise, and share content to virtual bulletin boards called ‘padlets’. In other words, an online notice board that can help digitalise the classroom and more.

The session was fun and interactive with teachers logging in to a Padlet and creating a mind map in real time, exploring the features, and learning together. The session was a great success.

On Friday 20th August I had the opportunity to deliver a professional development session on Padlet via Zoom to fifteen schools, including our sister school Pasaman, as part of our Asia Bridge program.

Padlet is a program where users can upload, organise, and share content to virtual bulletin boards called ‘padlets’. In other words, an online notice board that can help digitalise the classroom and more.

The session was fun and interactive with teachers logging in to a Padlet and creating a mind map in real time, exploring the features, and learning together. The session was a great success.

-Miss Joy

2021 Contributions and Charges


Thank you to those families who have paid their compulsory charges in full.

All families who have charges outstanding should have recently received an ‘unpaid billing items’ statement. It would be appreciated if families could finalise your child’s account or negotiate a payment plan as soon as possible. This is a requirement before clearance forms are signed off prior to your child leaving in Term 4.


Parents of children currently in Year 10 going into Year 11 next year, can also opt to negotiate a payment plan and commence payments now in readiness for the start of the new school year.


  • Internet Banking: BSB: 633000 Account No: 120445655
    Description: (eg Student Name (John Smith) Yr8, CC (Contributions & Charges), Yr10Camp etc).
  • By telephone using credit card facilities on 9531 7000.
  • In person during office hours (8.30am – 3.30pm), all EFTPOS/Credit Card options are available.
  • Post in a cheque.
  • Centrepay – this can be set up by parents contacting Centrelink

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Make Your Mark and Become a Part of Our Future History

To celebrate our centenary year, we have personalised brick pavers and gold seating plaques available for purchase.

The pavers will be laid between the current school office building and the new Performing Arts / Gymnasium building in 2022.

The gold seating plaques will be attached to the rear of the retractable seating in the new Performing Arts building. Money raised from the sale of plaques will be contributed towards the cost of the building.

Forms are available below:

SmartRider Cards

All students are required to have a smartrider card. The initial card is free and will be automatically issued to new students.  The cards are now used as a library card as well as for signing in late or signing out early during the day for appointments etc.  Replacement cards must be ordered through the school library at a cost of $2.00. Further bus information can be found at:

Uniforms - Available from SportsPower Pinjarra

School uniforms are now available from Sports Power Pinjarra and not at the school.

Visit for opening times. Information regarding School Dress Code is available via this link.

Pinjarra SHS Centenary Merchandise

Pinjarra Senior High School Centenary merchandise is still available, however stocks are limited!

Tea towels, tote bags, and glass Keep Cups are $10 each, or all three items are available in a bundle for $25.

Our centenary merchandise is available from our front office.

From the P&C

On 26th July, the Inaugural General Meeting was held to form the Pinjarra Senior High School Parent and Citizens’ Association (P&C).  As you may know, our school has not had a functioning P&C Committee since 2015, so we are excited to be back as an important information and feedback link between the community and the school.

One way we are working to build communication links is by posting ‘Peeks into Pinny’ on the school’s Facebook page, to show what students get up to during their school day. The ‘P&C Paparazzi’ are proud to share these daily updates, showing that class work is much more than just reading, writing and arithmetic at a desk. If you have not already viewed these posts, you can find them at

The office bearers for our new P&C are as follows:

  • President – Mrs Sharon Gangell – Parent of a Year 12 student.
  • Vice President – Mrs Nicolette Alchin – Parent of Year 8 and 11 students.
  • Secretary and Treasurer – Mrs Lisa Nairn – Sister of Year 10 student.

We are looking for more members to join our fun and friendly committee.  If you are interested in having a bigger input into your child’s education (with little to no fundraising time involved), please feel free to make contact with us by email at

We look forward to meeting new members and welcoming you to our P & C soon.

Sharon Gangell
Pinjarra SHS P&C President

Chappo's Column

On behalf of myself and Pinjarra YouthCARE I’d like to say a huge THANKYOU to PEACH for sponsoring some new equipment for four of our local school Chaplains! P.E.A.C.H. stands for Personnel Employed at Alcoa Charity Help and over the years they have made significant donations a number of times to help equip our Chaplains with laptops and ipads, as well as other equipment, These are used by the Chaplains for classroom presentations, Chaplaincy presentations to supporting organisations and Churches, taking meeting or counseling notes and other necessary administrative requirements, and they make a massive difference. Thankyou PEACH for continuing to support school Chaplaincy!

Term 3 for our Chaplains has been full of students, parents and staff coming for pastoral care support. Jackie has now moved to work Monday and Tuesdays, and together with my Wednesday to Fridays this means there is a Chaplain available in the school every day of the week. Last week I had the pleasure of driving a busload of upperschool students out to Fairbridge for a mountain-bike tour of the village. Thankfully the horrendously windy, wet weather didn’t dampen our spirits and I really enjoyed building on the relationship I have with these students, which has already paid off in my interactions with a few of them this week. When I got home however, I did have to try and explain to my wife why I had mud splatter all over my clothes and up my back…

These holidays there are some great Adventure Camps on offer for students in Year 4-12 including a Cooking Camp and Busselton Adventure Camp. Chic camp is also running again and offers the chance for girls to go surfing, SUPing, hiking and more! Plus there is the drug/alcohol-free Ningaloo Leavers Camp! See for details and please note Jackie and I can assist with the cost.

Justin Hill
Pinjarra SHS Chaplain

Pinjarra/Waroona YouthCARE - Supporting School Chaplaincy

Our committee are selling Cadbury Fundraiser Chocolates, so if you would be willing to take a box to work or sell some for us we would love to hear from you! For more info please contact Justin Hill (Pinjarra SHS Chaplain) on 9531 7099 or our Chairperson Sheryl Gangell on 0424 239 367.

The Pinjarra/Waroona YouthCARE Committee

Community News, Events & Promotions

Click on the flyers below to view.

Traffic Wardens Needed!

WA Police is reporting a shortage of Traffic Wardens in the local area, and is currently looking to recruit.

To become a Traffic Warden, applicants require access to email, a full driving licence with access to a vehicle, and the ability to work 10 shifts per week.  The shifts will be an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.

If you are interested in becoming a Traffic Warden, please call 6274 8731 regarding any queries or if you would like an application pack.

Pinjarra Golf Club Junior Open

Pinjarra Golf Club will be holding its first ever JUNIOR OPEN event on Wednesday September 29th.  They are hoping that all the keen junior golfers in this region will support them and come along and have a great day.

Entry is via the Mi Tournament website.